Pizza Pizza Limited is a Canadian pizza fast-food restaurant that is franchised, with its headquarters. PizzaPizza eateries are primarily located in the state of Ontario. Other places run in western Canada, as well as in Quebec, Nova Scotia. Franchises are largely run through Alberta-based subsidiary company Pizza 73, as well as in non-conventional places including university campuses and movie theatres. It’s over 500 places, including over 150 non-conventional places.

How to take part in the Pizza Pizza Satisfaction Survey

It’s really easy to enter, you will need a receipt from your most recent visit and just a few minutes of your time. Upon completion, you will receive a validation code to write down and enjoy a special offer on your next visit.

We’ll show you how to get started in a few easy steps;

Visit the official site at
Select your language (English or Francais)
Enter the zip of the Pizza Pizza location you visited, and confirm your select.
Find your receipt and enter the date & time of visit, and your transaction number.
Answer the required questions as honest as possible.
Once completed, write down your validation code to enjoy a special offer on your next visit to Pizza Pizza!

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